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Veronica cyndor

You were right, I do still post even though its been awhile. You know me as well as I know you. Just like I hear your words but know in ways you feel differently. You can't refuse to let youself fall in love with me when deep down you know you still love me and when im in your arms or my head in on your chest, you are completely at peace. Our love is dangerous whether we are together or not, label or not. you and I have always laughed at fear. What do I want? Just a cuddle. Give me just a cuddle. I love you Papa, I always will. Now give me a sign that you read this, I'm waiting. =o)

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Veronica cyndor

There is a guaranteed no rush session when you book with me. I would be your ideal companion for an unforgettable moment. . I am nurturing and domestic, but not unintelligent. I am closest to the stereotype of a 'lady in my character and demeanor, though I can also be very sensual and uninhibited in private. I am much more about family than career ambitions. Short haired mature lady masturbating.

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